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Kaspersky Lab Latest News: Statement Issued on ‘WannaCry’ and ‘Lazarus Group’ connection

On Monday, May 15, a security researcher from Google posted an artifact on Twitter potentially pointing at a connection between the WannaCry ransomware attacks that recently hit thousands of organizations and private users around the world, and the malware attributed to the infamous Lazarus hacking group, responsible for a series of devastating attacks against government organizations, media and financial institutions. The largest operations linked to the Lazarus group include: the attacks against Sony Pictures in 2014, the Central Bank of Bangladesh cyber heist in 2016 and a subsequent series of similar attacks continued in 2017.

Converge ICT ties up with Google, Facebook, Netflix, Akamai

Converge ICT—a provider of world-class ICT products and services in the Philippines—recently tied up with several web giants in the US and Asia Pacific in a bid to bring a better internet experience to its customers in the country.