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Denzel Washington kills in ‘The Equalizer 2′

You won’t usually find Denzel Washington in a movie sequel. He just doesn’t do them. Something about not wanting to repeat himself. So there must be something special indeed for him to break his own rule for “The Equalizer 2.”

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Men charged with shooting on Denzel Washington set

Two people have been charged in a shooting on the set of a Denzel Washington movie in Boston that injured two security guards.

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‘Hardcore Henry’ brings a different kind of first person film viewing experience on the big screen

“Hardcore Henry” promises to deliver to viewers a unique kind of viewing experience, one of the most unflinchingly original wild-rides to hit the big screen in a long time. The film will let the audience experience the entire film through the main character Henry.


‘Arrow’ Actress To Star In ‘Training Day’ TV Remake

Katrina Law, who has a recurring part on “Arrow” is set to lead the television remake of “Training Day.” The actress will play a police officer which already has Bill Paxton as the main guy.