Personal devices at work (Kaspersky Lab)

Kaspersky Lab: Personal devices at work

Many companies permit the use of personal devices for business purposes – from business calls made on personal phones to corporate network connections on home laptops. Such a state of affairs is generally beneficial, however, especially in small companies: The employee is already familiar with the device, and the company saves money. The downside, however, is that the practice creates additional cyber risks for the business.

Number of users hit by financial malware grew by 7% in H1 2019 to reach 430,000

Kaspersky: Financial malware hit grew by 7-Percent in H1 2019

Financial malware, commonly identified as banking Trojans, is aimed at stealing finances and financial data, as well as providing threat actors with access to users’ and financial organizations’ assets and machines. Such threats have always occupied a significant part of a threat landscape, as finance is the most common motivation for cybercriminals and fraudsters.

Kaspersky Cybercriminals use smartphone calendars to distribute scam offers

Kaspersky Lab: Cybercriminals use smartphone calendars to distribute scam offers

Spam and phishing that exploit non-traditional attack vectors can be lucrative for criminals, as they can catch out experienced users who might not fall for a more common threat. This is particularly the case when it comes to trusted legitimate services, such as default email calendar features, and these are exploited through so-called “calendar phishing”. #KasperskyLab