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Southeast Asian Climate and Energy Working Group urge ASEAN leaders to fight the ‘COAL’

The Southeast Asian Working Group on Climate and Energy, composed of members of civil society organizations and people’s movements across Southeast Asia, denounced what they claimed to be an evident collusion between leaders of ASEAN, East Asia, and the United States of America, in their push for the coal agenda within the climate-vulnerable region of Southeast Asia.

Climate Justice Group condemns Department of Energy affinity with Conference of Polluters

While countries in the world are in COP 22 in Morocco debating how not to breach the 1.5 degree C average temperature increase limit for a livable climate, the Philippines’ Department of Energy is playing host to the upcoming Philippine Coal Business and Policy Forum and International Coal Trans this November 16-17, 2016. This has not been the first time the Department of Energy endorsed an event focused on the coal industry. In the year 2014, DoE has actively participated in the Coal Business and Policy Forum.

Progressives welcome Aquino belated energy policy shift but challenges Duterte to take it further

Multi-sectoral coalition SANLAKAS welcomed the recently signed resolution by the Climate Change Commission (CCC) declaring that the Commission shall facilitate in the next 6 months “a national policy review and framework development on energy, through a whole-of-nation approach, in accordance with a low carbon development pathway and national goals and targets for climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development, and considering the prioritization and acceleration of renewable energy development, enhancement of energy efficiency and conservation, and insurance of clean, affordable, and reliable energy for the entire country”.

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Leveraging technology to save and protect fisheries and marine resources

Over 10 percent of the world’s population depends on fisheries and agriculture for their livelihood and for many people, fish is a major source of protein in their diet. Yet, these vital resources are continuously threatened by overfishing, illegal fishing, climate change, water pollution, and other dangers to marine life.

“Further Consultations Before Implementing Paris Summit Commitment”

Now that the just-concluded Paris Summit reached “Agreements” that the world leaders claim as a big success in the common effort to save Planet Earth from the destructions of Climate Change, the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) urges the country delegates to carefully plan for the steps forward in adopting mitigating measures. The FPI signed the Manila Declaration supporting the government’s effort to establish the Intended National Declaration of Contributions (INDC) or the mitigation measures conditioned on these being aligned to national priorities, circumstances and capabilities.