Children making Filipino brooms (walis ting-ting) made out of grass in Catanduanes.

This Independence Day, free children from labor

June 12th marks the day the country declared itself free and independent, able to govern towards a future best fit for its people. But genuine freedom and independence is yet to be felt by millions of families across the country who remain with limited access to decent work that pays enough for a person to lead a life of dignity.

In photo from left to right: Anna Kapunan-Campaigns and Advocacy Specialist of BAN Toxics Teddy Monroy-Manager, Policy Development and Research of BAN Toxics; Polly Cunanan-Communications and Campaigns Manager of BAN Toxics; Tweet-Tweet Alturas - Event Coordinator; Audie A. Espino-Founding Officer and Executive Producer of PhFW

PH Fashion Week to promote ‘Compassionate’ Gold

Dubbed ‘Compassionate Gold’, this refers to jewelry and accessories made of gold obtained from the Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) sector through responsible methods that are not harmful to health and the environment; sourced from legal mines; certified mercury-free, child-labor free and ensuring decent working conditions.