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Cartoon ‘Teen Titans’ goof across DC universe

When it comes to superhero movies, there’s a perception that you’ve got to choose between DC’s gritty, dour offerings or Marvel’s winking humor. But five cartoon wannabe heroes armed with fart jokes are trying to change that.

Spoiler Alert | Kurt Thomas Hunt/ Flickr

‘Robot Chicken’ hatches a dead-on ‘Walking Dead’ spoof

Chickens clucking the doleful “Walking Dead” theme offer up an early hint that what’s ahead will be offbeat and funny.


Cha-Ching Latest News & Update:Prudence Foundation’s Award-Winning Financial Literacy Programme Launches 18th Music Video

Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential (LSE: PRU) in Asia has begun airing through Cartoon Network “Cha-Cha-Choices”, the 18th episode of Cha-ChingTM Money-Smart Kids (“Cha-Ching”), a globally recognised and award-winning animation- and music-based financial literacy programme that helps children develop sound financial habits around four fundamental money management concepts — Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.