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Nick Jonas sings in Blue Sky Studios and Twentieth Century Fox's "Ferdinand."

‘Ferdinand’ Latest News & Update: Nick Jonas original song scores nomination at Golden Globes

Set in Spain, the delightful movie “Ferdinand” tells the remarkable story of a gentle bull, voiced by John Cena, a gentle giant who prefers flowers to fighting and has no desire to face off against matadors in the bullring.

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present "Ferdinand."

‘Ferdinand’ nominated for Best Animation feature at Golden Globes

The new animated film and Golden Globe nominee for Best Animation and Original Song, “Ferdinand,” tells the charming story of a bull who prefers flowers to fighting. John Cena stars as the voice of the titular character, a peace-loving animal with no desire to fight, like the rest of the herd, which makes him an outsider at the ranch where he is raised.


‘Spies In Disguise’ latest news, release date and update: Will Smith, Tom Holland lend voices to animated film

Fox Animation, Chernin Entertainment and Blue Sky Studios announced today the voice casting of Will Smith and Tom Holland as the lead characters Lance Sterling and Walter in the animated feature “SPIES IN DISGUISE,” an action comedy that will be released by Twentieth Century Fox in 2019.

John Cena play "Ferdinand"

‘Ferdinand’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: WWE superstar John Cena tries out bull-fighting

WWE superstar John Cena takes on the form of a friendly bull in Blue Sky Studios’ “Ferdinand.” From blockbuster toon-maker Carlos Saldanha, who also helmed global hits “Ice Age” and “Rio” comes the story of a beast with a big heart in “Ferdinand,” based on the story of a classic children’s book by Munro Leaf illustrated by Robert Lawson.