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Justice League cast (photo by Gage Kidmore)

Henry Cavill Dating 19-year-old, Superman Says New Girlfriend is ‘Mature’

“Batman v Superman” star Henry Cavill has a new girlfriend. The 32-year-old actor is dating a 19-year-old college girl named Tara King, but he says she’s quite mature.

Batman v Superman logo

Batman vs. Superman: Snyder provides short trailer on Twitter

Director Zach Snyder announces teaser trailer debut of Batman v Superman on Twitter

Jesse Eisenberg

Batman vs Superman: Jesse Eisenberg felt strange about going bald

Jesse Eisenberg says shaving his head for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was “terrifying.”

Gal Gadot (Wikipedia)

Gal Gadot brushes off physique criticism

Gal Gadot wasn’t bothered when Wonder Woman’ fans said she didn’t have a large enough bust to play the superhero.