Michelle Williams, Billy Crudup and Julianne Moore in "After The Wedding"

‘After The Wedding’ News: Julianne Moore speaks on latest acting challenge

A remake of the Oscar-nominated (Foreign Language) Susanne Bier’s Danish film, the latest film of the same title After The Wedding is directed by Bart Freundlich that exposes a long-hidden truth, ripping an old wound and revealing a new secret, which alters the course of the lives of Theresa (Moore), Isabel (Michelle Williams), Oscar (Billy Crudup) and Grace (Abby Quinn). #AfterTheWedding

Billy Crudup, Abby Quinn and Julianne Moore in "AFTER THE WEDDING"

‘After The Wedding’ hits theaters on August 14

A poignant drama with a powerhouse, female-led cast, “After the Wedding” tells the story of Isabel (Williams), who’s running an orphanage in Calcutta, India that also faces potential suspension due to dwindling funds. Soon enough, a potential donor comes knocking at their door, philanthropist Theresa Young (Moore) who insists that Isabel travels to New York to deliver a presentation for her orphanage.