Progressives welcome Aquino belated energy policy shift but challenges Duterte to take it further

Multi-sectoral coalition SANLAKAS welcomed the recently signed resolution by the Climate Change Commission (CCC) declaring that the Commission shall facilitate in the next 6 months “a national policy review and framework development on energy, through a whole-of-nation approach, in accordance with a low carbon development pathway and national goals and targets for climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development, and considering the prioritization and acceleration of renewable energy development, enhancement of energy efficiency and conservation, and insurance of clean, affordable, and reliable energy for the entire country”.

Climate Justice Group welcomes Climate Change Commission Resolution Challenges Incoming President Duterte for Sweeping Reforms in Energy Sector

Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ), a nationwide climate justice coalition expressed its appreciation for the latest Climate Change Commission resolution calling for the review of the Philippine energy policy and harmonization of regulation on new and existing coal plants “in accordance with a low carbon development pathway. “

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Which Moto G4 style should you choose?

Motorola has widened the possibilities for folks who are looking for a reasonable device to get in the market by offering the Moto G4 in three variants. The latest Motorola handsets are now available in Brazil with other select regions to follow.

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