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Barack Obama

Obama vows to hunt down ISIS

President Barack Obama has vowed to hunt down members of the Islamic State (ISIS) and to cut off their financing wherever this may be.

Lucy Liu

Media gets in-depth with Lucy Liu

I knew about Sherlock Holmes, but I never really studied it or learnt about it because I didn’t grow up reading the stories. I came from a Chinese family (laughs), so it wasn’t the top of our list. But once I started doing the show, I started reading the short stories and I really fell in love with it, so that’s how it basically began. It wasn’t something that I initially knew about, aside from just hearing about it like ‘You’re no Sherlock Holmes’ or ‘Oh, aren’t you a Sherlock Holmes?’ It was sort of like when people referred to Sherlock Holmes as someone who would solve mysteries.

Pope Francis [photo: Commons Wikimedia/Chief Petty Officer Nick Ameen]

‘God is weeping’ – Pope Francis

In his solemn but powerful sermon last week,Pope Francis told churchgoers that “God is weeping” today because the world has rejected peace and instead chose the path of war.

news clipart

Health group lauds approval of “soda tax” in Congress

“This is definitely a step in the right direction. Three out of ten Filipinos are obese. Childhood obesity is likewise increasing. It does not help that soft drinks are still very cheap and accessible especially to children in school,” said Atty. Irene Reyes, Managing Director of HealthJustice.

Facebook/Code Black

CBS Orders More ‘Code Black’ Episodes

“Code Black” is getting five additional episodes on its first season with CBS. The medical drama series, which debuted to modest numbers this season, is set for a total 18 episodes so far.