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Apple and Android browsers security flawed

Millions of people may be left vulnerable to hacking while surfing the web using Apple and/or Google devices,

Xbox 360 Sony Headset

Sony Virtual-Reality headset coming in 2016?

Sony intends on unleashing its virtual-reality headset on consumers next year.


Lazy Eye treatment from a video game

Video game developer Ubisoft and a partner firm announced the first therapeutic use of a video game to treat amblyopia,

How to track your kids using a smartphone

Is your toddler being mean to his baby sister while you’re out of the room?

KL_Desert Falcons_Geography copy

Hunting Desert Falcons

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has discovered Desert Falcons – a cyber espionage group targeting multiple high profile organizations and individuals from Middle East countries.


Google’s Blogger drop plan to block nude images

Google is backing off a decision to conceal sexually explicit material on its Blogger service in reaction to an outcry from people incensed about the censorship of their nude photos.