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From cloud growth to a cloud mess: two out of three SMBs struggle with over-complicated IT infrastructure

Kaspersky Lab: SMBs struggling with sophisticated IT infrastructure

As their businesses grow, companies increasingly embrace new business tools and cloud services in an attempt to make their employees’ working lives more efficient and flexible, as well as reduce expenditures.


Wikipedia down in several countries

Wikipedia went down in at least three countries Wednesday in a protest at an upcoming European Parliament vote on a highly disputed law that could make online platforms legally liable for copyrighted material put on the web by users.

Pick Pocketers Set to Get Lucky With Half of People Not Password Protecting their Mobiles

Kaspersky Lab: Half of People Not Password Protecting Mobile Devices

With half (48%) of people still failing to protect their mobile devices, and only 22% using anti-theft solutions, pick pocketers that get their hands on a smartphone could be in for more of a treat than even they hope for.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

How To Keep Kids Safe Online

As the VP of Information Security, I work to ensure Fortinet operates securely and to protect our systems and data from harm. My other full time job (and the job I love the most!) is being “Mom” to my two kids. As a parent, I work to keep my kids safe wherever they venture, including online.


Do you really know what your kid’s doing on that smartphone?

Ayrial Miller is clearly annoyed. Her mother is sitting with her on the couch in their Chicago apartment, scrolling through the teen’s contacts on social media.

Anton Shingarev, Vice President for Public Affairs & Head of the CEO Office at Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab moves core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

As part of its Global Transparency Initiative, Kaspersky Lab is adapting its infrastructure to move a number of core processes from Russia to Switzerland.

Holcim Philippines’s commitments to improve its environmental footprint are also designed to improve efficiency of its operations and raise business performance

Holcim Sustainability Goals to Improve Envi, Biz Performance

Under the Sustainability Plan 2030, Holcim Philippines, Inc, continues its commitment to improving its environmental footprint by further reducing carbon emissions and water consumption in cement production, as well as using more qualified wastes as an alternative fuel and raw materials.

Resolving the Challenges of IT-OT Convergence

Resolving the Challenges of IT-OT Convergence

For decades, computer and data networks – known as Information Technology (IT), and industrial control system (ICS) operations and process control groups – often labeled as Operations Technology (OT), have run as isolated and independent networks, with entirely different objectives and requirements. That is beginning to change.


Robotics Barbie aims to inspire young scientists

An inspirational new version of Barbie will encourage young girls to embark on careers in engineering and the sciences, the iconic doll’s manufacturer Mattel said on Tuesday.

Jennifer S. Ligones, President and CEO of Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc. formalizing the exclusive partnership with Shreyas Merchant, Executive Vice President and COO of Eternus Solutions Private Ltd.

Third Pillar announces exclusive partnership with Eternus Solutions

In a bid to improve the delivery of innovative CRM best practices in the Philippines, Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc., the country’s leading provider of Salesforce solutions, announced today its exclusive partnership with Eternus Solutions Private Limited, a global services provider known for its expert CRM implementation services.