Malaysia Airlines flight shakes violently, forced to land

Passengers on a Malaysia Airlines plane flying from Sydney, Australia, to Kuala Lumpur which was forced to land in the central Australian city of Alice Springs said they were bracing themselves for a possible hard landing after the plane shook violently on Thursday.

Newspaper (Pixabay)

Anti-Dynasty Group: CON-ASS disempowering and self-serving

A group actively pushing for the anti-dynasty law slammed the adoption of Resolution no. 9 by Congress that convenes itself into a Constituent Assembly. ANGKOP, a civil society group and one of the conveners of the anti-dynasty movement took a swipe at the 17th Congress for ‘railroading’ the Con-Ass resolution.


Coca-Cola sets recycling goal for 2030

Coca-Cola is launching a campaign to collect and recycle 100 percent of its packaging by 2030, part of a drive to reduce consumer waste globally, the company announced Friday.


US shutdown unlikely to harm debt rating: Fitch

A possible shutdown of the US federal government at midnight Friday amid a congressional deadlock on spending would have no immediate effect on America’s sovereign debt rating, ratings agency Fitch said.