Globe Telecom board approves P22/share cash dividend

Globe Telecom said its board approved the declaration of second quarter cash dividend of P22 per share for holders of its common shares. The dividend will be paid to shareholders on record as of May 19, 2016, with payment date on June 3, 2016.

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Globe Telecom now opens Gen3 Stores for Premium Dealership

After opening its 12th Gen3 Store in KCC Mall de Zamboanga recently, Globe now opens Gen3 for premium dealership nationwide. By opening new stores in strategic locations around the Philippines, Globe would be able to expand coverage and allow more customers to experience the latest in digital lifestyle.

Globe Telecom connects world’s oldest Chinatown with fiber broadband technology

In line with its vision of ushering the Philippines to become a digital nation by 2020, Globe Telecom collaborated with the city government of Manila in rolling out fiber broadband technology in Binondo. This initiative will provide world-class internet experience with speeds of up to 1Gbps to the world’s oldest Chinatown.

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6 Simple Rules to Build Personal Wealth and 7 Traits than Can Make You Rich

According to financial experts, wealth is a positive consequence of good financial habits. This is the basic tenant about personal wealth. If you have been talking with a financial counsellor, you may have learned already that many of those whose wealth ran along seven figures did not have a huge income to begin with.

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13 Ways to Teach Children about the Value of Money

Appreciating the importance of money begins at home like any of the traditional values that you know. Money can be a source of problems at a latter part of the lives of your children if you will not teach them how to value it.

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CUHK Business School Reveals Attractive Salespeople May Scare Away Customers

We often assume physical attraction will be an advantage in life. The same assumption goes to attractive sales people that they will be able to increase shoppers’ purchase intention and satisfaction. However, a study by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School suggests that this may not always be true.