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Mobility Therapy (Wikimedia Commons)

Mobility Therapy helps patients recover faster from ICU

The intensive care unit is a last frontier for physical therapy: It’s hard to exercise patients hooked to ventilators so they can breathe.

Bacon (Wikipedia)

Can guns be used to cook?

Texan Dustin Ellermann has been filmed using an assault rifle to cook bacon.

Water Pipe Smoking ( Wikimedia Commons)

Health experts say Water Pipe smoking harmful than cigarettes

World health experts warned that smoking water pipes can be more harmful than cigarettes.

Burger King Logo from Wikipedia

Smell like a whopper with Burger King’s scents

For hamburger aficionados who can’t get enough of it, Burger King has an answer: a grilled burger-scented fragrance.


CT Scans don’t lessen heart attack risks

A study finds that people who see a doctor for chest pain are not risk-free from heart attacks being hospitalized when checked by a fancy type of CT scan

Eifel Tower Drawing

Study: Spending on arts boosts prosperity

Far from sapping public resources, spending on the arts has positive long-term effects on the economy, a new German study found Tuesday.

Frozen Food

7 common food that have added sugar

Sugar can be hidden in lots of other common packaged foods.

credits: Wikimedia Commons

Study: Extra Oxygen to immune cells may help fight Cancer

A study in mice suggests something as simple as breathing in extra oxygen might give immune cells a boost in fighting cancer.


D&G pays tribute to Milan moms

Model Bianca Balta won applause of approval as she walked down the Dolce&Gabbana runway in an advanced stage of pregnancy. It was part of the designing duo’s early Mother’s Day present to women, a collection dedicated to mom.


Passat voted Car of the Year

The large family car Volkswagen Passat has been voted car of the year by European automotive editors at the Geneva International Motor Show.