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Gelato Selection

Tradition and Passion Meet in Casa Italia’s Brand of Authentic Italian Cuisine

Diners looking for authentic Italian fare will be delighted by the arrival of Singapore’s largest Italian café franchise—Casa Italia, Metro Manila’s newest food destination.

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American veteran to get first male sexual organ transplant

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland announced it will begin taking an organ from a deceased donor and giving it to an Afghanistan veteran within the next several months. The operation is going to be performed for the first time in the United States.

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Study: Too much TV may damage cognitive function in midlife

Too much TV and not having enough physical exercise as a young adult were associated with worse cognitive function 25 years later in midlife, showed a study published online by U.S. journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Top 2015 Baby Names From

BabyCenter Reveals Top Baby Names Of 2015

BabyCenter, the #1 pregnancy and parenting digital resource, today released the results of its highly anticipated annual Baby Names Survey and the Top 100 Baby Names of 2015.

International Red Cross takes a stand against donations from tobacco industry

Public health think tank and Bloomberg awardee HealthJustice and the Southeast Asian Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) laud the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Society’s (IFRC) stand against receiving funds or any form of assistance from the tobacco industry and companies that work for the tobacco industry’s benefit.

A cold, insomnia, muscle pain, weight problems and migraines complete top 5 most common complaints across 22 countries

Singapore, November 26, 2015 – Colds and coughs are the most common health conditions experienced by consumers all over the world in the past 12 months, but the number of sufferers in China and Hong Kong, at 57 percent and 55 percent are even higher than the global average which stands at 51 percent. These findings were revealed from a recent GfK online survey which asked over 27,000 people in 22 countries which health conditions from a given list1 they have experienced in the past 12 months.

Janelle Tang  i wish to go too 3ftx4ft acrylic on canvas copy

Multiple Realities in Mark Dawn Arcamo and Janelle Tang’s Parallel Play

It is interesting to note that despite the domestic commonalities that artists Mark Dawn Arcamo and Janelle Tang have, they still are able to effectively preserve their individual artistic universe.

Yepzon launch on the health care sector in the UK

The Finnish technology company Yepzon has made an important collaboration agreement with the British virtual operator HoIP Telecom. Through this collaboration, Yepzon locators will be widely launched on the health, well-being, care and nursing sectors in the UK.

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Health group lauds approval of “soda tax” in Congress

“This is definitely a step in the right direction. Three out of ten Filipinos are obese. Childhood obesity is likewise increasing. It does not help that soft drinks are still very cheap and accessible especially to children in school,” said Atty. Irene Reyes, Managing Director of HealthJustice.

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Thousands to Pedal on the 16th Tour of the Fireflies: The B.I.G. Ride

16th Tour of the Fireflies The B.I.G. Ride: Bicycles InteGral to Mobility Solutions. The B.I.G. Ride will be followed by a concert organized by The Firefly Brigade, Dakila, Jam 88.3 and Oxfam.