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Bee scent could repel elephants, prevent conflict with humans: study

Their eyes and the sensitive, soft tissue inside their trunks are particularly vulnerable to painful stings, and experts believe African elephants(Loxodonta africana) have learned over the centuries to recognize the scents bees give off when they are scared and ready to swarm.


Study: An orange a day keeps blurred vision away

A study recently found that regular orange eaters have a significantly decreased chance of developing macular degeneration, a common age-related eye disease among middle-aged Australians.


Addiction to digital media linked to psychiatric problems in teens

A study published on Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that children addicted to digital devices were more likely become prone to psychiatric problems.


New Ways to Conquer Sleep Apnea in the Bedroom

Every night without fail, Paul Blumstein straps on a mask that prevents him from repeatedly waking up, gasping for air.


Consult doctor, don’t self medicate vs. leptospirosis: DOH

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has advised the public to immediately consult a physician if they see symptoms of leptospirosis, noting to never attempt to self-medicate.


Virus can boost, not weaken immune system

American scientists have identified a particular virus in mice model that may not weaken, but enhance the immune system, according to a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Find out How Family Separation May Affect a Child’s Brain

Doctors have long known that separating families and other traumatic events can damage children’s well-being. More recent research has shed some light on how that may happen: Severe early adversity may cause brain changes and “toxic stress,” resulting in lasting psychological and physical health problems.


Novartis to inject $100 mn into malaria drug research

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis on Tuesday announced $100 million of funding over the next five years for research into new treatments for malaria, a mosquito-borne disease with a devastating impact that killed 445,000 people in 2016.


DOH to deploy 500 nurses to monitor Dengvaxia recipients

A Department of Health (DOH) official said Friday that about 500 nurses will be deployed to monitor children who received the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine.