UFC, MMA default (Pixabay Photo)

UFC: What’s next for Rose Namajunas?

The 26-year-old Namajunas (8-4, 5 submissions) was slammed onto the floor by Andrade, who was able to put herslf in a position to carry the now former champion on his shoulders. After the piledrive of a body slam, Andrade threw a couple of hammer fists and led to the referee stopping the contest.

Junior Sam of Ghana F.C. (Philamlife 7S Football media bureau)

Ghana FC wins Philam Life 7s Season 3 crown

“When we scored 2-0 in the first half, Super Eagles’ confidence was really shut down and even ifthey scored a goal in the second half, we were not worried because I know we can score another goal to seal the win. I knew already that we will get another goal,” – Ayi Bimbo #7SFootball


PH booters to join Merlion Cup 2019 in Singapore

Philippine Football Federation President Mariano ‘Nonong’ Araneta earlier stated that the Philippines would join the competition as part of their preparations for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games which the country shall be hosting.