Wimbledon 2019: Anderson gets knocked out of the tournament, thereby increasing the chances of Djokovic winning the Men’s Singles

The most anticipated tournament on grass, Wimbledon, is here again and tennis lovers all over the world are reeling in excitement as they get to experience the live action of the finest tennis players in the world pitted against each other. This prestigious tournament which was founded in 1877 is currently holding its 133rd edition this July and even us, OurDailyNewsOnline, think it has indeed come a long way.

The defending champion for the Men’s singles is Djokovic while for the women’s singles is Angelique Kerber. Djokovic claimed the title after trashing Anderson in the men’s final 2018, while the Kerber won against Williams in the women’s final.

Although Djokovic and Kerber are currently the favorites, Tennis players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Petra Kvitovia, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka are definitely viable contenders that shouldn’t be overlooked because you can never know what they have coming.

This Wimbledon particularly has been exciting to watch as we have seen the iconic tennis players we have come to know being challenged by New generation players. There is Gauff, the fifteen year old, who gave Venus Williams a run for her money in the women’s singles. There is also Felix and some other young chaps who have been making this tournament an uphill task for the known names.

Now talking about excitement and drama that Wimbledon has been blessing us with, there is no omitting the fact that Anderson, the South Africanplayer, was kicked out of the tournament by the Argentinian star, Pella, and it has paved the way for Djokovic, as he is the only top ten player standing in his draw.

Anderson gave us reasons to have high expectations after he came back from his right-hand injury period to win his opening match against Pierre so effortlessly. He still continued to wax stronger until he met his Waterloo, Peller. Peller made it hell for him and at some point, it became evident that Anderson had probably not fully recovered from his right hand injury.

Djokovic on the other hand, is coming out strong as usual, this is owing to the fact that he has pulled through to the fourth round and showing promise to likely win the Men’s singles again, considering his performance so far. This is the 15thconsecutive Wimbledon he will be competing in and he has since set a record of not losing before the 3rd round since 2008.

Little wonder he bears the least odds to win the men’s singles on Bet 365, with 8/11 odds while Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer bear 9/2 and 3/1 respectively. be sure to click here to receive bookmaker offers to boost your winnings as you move to bet on the outrights.

For the fourth round on the 8th of July, the Serbian, Djokovic, is expected to play against Ugo Humbert and this will be a true test of his genius as Humbert has proven so far to be a force to be reckoned with.

As expected, Djokovic is considered favourite as most bookmakers priced him relatively lower than his opponent. On Bet365 particularly he is priced at 1/150 odds to win while Ugo Humbert is priced at 28/1 odds to win.

We can only keep our fingers crossed and watch how the events of this tournaments unveil.