Windows 10 Tablet targets lower end tablet market

Microsoft continues to find ways to make its Surface brand stay afloat and the latest from the rumor mill is a lightweight mobile computing solution called the Windows 10 tablet.

According to Forbes, the Redmond company is hoping to come up with a price-friendly mobile solution for the lower market. It will be a lightweight machine running on the Windows 10 Pro offered at a lower price.

Among the said features of the Windows 10 tablet include a 10-inch screen that would be around the same size of the Apple iPad version. It will be a smaller version when compared to the 12-inch Surface Pro and priced at about US$400.

The Windows Tablet 10 will sport rounded edges and feature USB-C connectivity – a first for Surface tablets that comes in line with charging and synching standards used by latest smartphones in the market.

They will be 20-percent lighter and be backed by batteries that are four hours fewer than standard Surface Pro devices. Surface Pro tablets can last up to 13.5 hours on a single charge.

There is no word yet on what other official specs the Windows 10 tablet will have. Intel Corp. will continue to supply the main processor and graphics chipsets.

This will not be the first time that Microsoft will try to tap the lower end market. They already tried offering the Surface RT and the Intel Atom powered Surface 3 tablet that was compatible with the Windows 10 ecosystem.

This alleged move could be Microsoft’s pitch to combat Apple’s pitch of offering entry-level iPads to the education sector. Confident that their Surface line is perfect to address mobile computing needs, the Windows 10 tablet should be an interesting offering once it does come out in the open. Photo by Tim Dorr Photo by IntelFreePress