Possible reason on why Tyrus Hill, Kurt Lojera left Adamson

Tyrus Hill surprised many when he was suddenly spotted over at the DLSU Green Archers camp. Together with fellow and now former Adamson Soaring Falcon Kurt Lojera, the two cagers are expected to see action no earlier than UAAP Season 82.

The two will be welcome additions to the wards of first-year head coach Louie Gonzales who is at the forefront of the rebuilding Green Archers. Ben Mbala has used up his playing years and there was that controversial “leave” taken by the Rivero brothers (Ricci and Prince) together with seldom-used Brent Paraiso.

On paper, Hill could be a perfect replacement for Rivero. Ironically, both faced off multiple times in previous UAAP seasons. The 6-foot-5 Hill hardly showed impressive numbers although he can improve on that once he settles in and adapts to the new system coach Gonzales is implementing.

Hill’s exit was surprising but did not escape backlash from the Falcons camp. Former PBA player and Adamson assistant coach Don Allado took to Twitter his take on the matter.

“It’s okay if you want to leave. You know what’s best for you. However, there is a proper way to do it. Never burn bridges not worth burning,” tweeted Allado, coincidentally a former Green Archer.

Aside from that, he had an exchange with Carlo Pamintuan on Twitter about the matter.

“He lied to us. Said he was going San Jose State, a D1 school. With 4pts a game ave?! Head coach of that school called me & said I don’t know this F*UCKING TYRUS. Tell him to stop using my program!”. G’luck to him.”

According to sources, Hill did have intentions of trying out for the team. The timing of his sudden appearance at DLSU is suspect although the same source says that the Green Archers were able to talk to him when he bade goodbye to Adamson.

Aside from that, there was word that Hill and Lojera were reportedly mistreated during practice. Other than that, dorm privileges were also taken away – not only for the two but all Fil-Am players under the Adamson fold.

Struggling to show what they can really bring on the court, it remains to be seen if Hill and Lojera can make a difference to the rebuilding Archers. All that can only be seen come UAAP Season 82.