‘Santa Clarita Diet’ season 2 release date, cast: Zombie series launches in March with new faces

santa clarita diet

Netflix’s zombie horror comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” has finally nabbed a return date for season 2. The show, which stars Drew Barrymore (Shiela) and Timothy Olyphant (Joel), will launch on the platform on March 23, and there will be new faces joining the couple.

santa clarita diet

“Santa Clarita Diet” season 2 will also feature Zachary Knighton, Joel McHale, Maggie Lawson and Gerald McRaney. According to reports, Knighton will play a Serbian Californian who is investigating the truth about the undead. McRaney, on the other hand, joins the cast as Ed, a retired colonel from the army who isn’t too fond of Joel.

McHale and Lawson, on the other hand, will play the type-A couple, Chris and Christa, who will compete with Sheila and Joel as real estate agents. These couples have a long history of rivalry as Joel and Chris have been high school competitors back in the day.

“Chris and Joel have been competitive since high school, when Chris — a quarterback like Joel — beat Joel in a championship game,” the Netflix descriptions stated. “The couples have never liked each other and are not shy about it. Theirs is not a model relationship for how adults should behave.”

“Santa Clarita Diet,” created by Victor Fresco, follows the story of a couple living in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita. Together with their daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), the family tries to live normally possible while still keeping Sheila’s real identity a big secret.

In the first season, Sheila transformed into a zombie for still unknown reasons. The family helped kept her alive and in her normal state by murdering people who have done bad so she could eat their brains.

In the second season, the death toll and number of missing persons have slowly increased. The Hammonds, who are now better adjusted at Shiela’s new lifestyle, are no longer chasing a cure but they’re trying to figure out the source of the virus to stop its spread.

“Santa Clarita Diet” isn’t your typical zombie series with mostly suspense, blood and gore. This show remains a family comedy amidst challenging circumstances.

Catch “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix on March 23. The first season, released last February 2017, is still streaming on the platform.