Crocodiles kill tourist in Zimbabwe

in savaged a 90-year-old to death and left another traveller critically wounded after attacking their , the national parks service said Friday.

The pair, who are both Zimbabwean, were part of a group participating in a New Year’s Eve picnic on Sunday in the , 35 kilometres (22 miles) from Bulawayo in the country’s south.

and were attacked while paddling in the crocodile-infested ,” said of the Authority.

Bowman subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

“It is unfortunate that they were using air-pumped boats, which are not permissible,” added Farawo.

Last year. a South African tourist, Scott Van Zyl, 44, was killed by crocodiles in the Limpopo river during a hunting trip. (AFP) Photo by Leszek.Leszczynski