1 winning ticket sold in $450 million Mega Millions drawing

DES MOINES, Iowa — One ticket matched all six numbers and will claim a $450 million grand prize.

The drawn Friday night to claim the nation’s 10th largest jackpot were 28-30-39-59-70-10.

It was not immediately known where the winning ticket was sold.

Lottery officials also increased the jackpot of Powerball, the other , to $570 million. That drawing is Saturday night.

The jackpots refer to the annuity options for both games, in which payments are made over 29 years. Most winners opt for , which would be $281 million for Mega Millions and $358.5 million for Powerball.

The odds of winning the are one in 302.5 million. are one in 292.2 million. (AP) Photo by samsaundersleeds