Hindus upset at exclusion from ‘Inclusion’ Plan of University of Kansas

University of Kansas (contributed photo)

University of Kansas (contributed photo)

Hindus are upset at the exclusion of from the “Diversity, Equity & Strategic Plan” for (KU) College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Under its goals, this Plan talks about active recruitment to increase the representation of minority populations in the College’s faculty, staff and administrative/executive hires, stating “We especially seek to increase the numbers of faculty members who are…”. Asian-Americans are not included in the minorities listed here.

Its another goal talks about increased representation of minorities in the College’s student body through active recruitment and retention efforts, stating “We especially seek to increase the numbers of undergraduate and graduate students who are…”. Asian-Americans are again not included in the minorities listed here.

Hindu statesman , in a statement in Nevada today, said that it was shocking for the hard-working, harmonious and peaceful Asian-American community; who had made lot of contributions to the nation and society; to receive such signals of exclusion.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged the Kansas Board of Regents President Dr. Blake Flanders and KU Chancellor Dr. to seriously re-look into the “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan” and include Asian-Americans in it.

Rajan Zed asked the KU to really act on its stated “value” of fostering “a multicultural environment in which the dignity and rights of the individual are respected” by including Asian-Americans in Strategic Plan. Zed also stressed the need of more vegetarian options in the dining halls to show respect to the dietary sensitivity of many .

Opened in 1866, KU in Lawrence is a major comprehensive public research flagship university with 28,447 students from all 50 US states and 105 countries and offers over 370 degree programs and teaches over 40 languages. It claims to have produced 27 Rhodes Scholars, many Pulitzer Prize winners and a Nobel laureate.