LOOK: ‘Deadpool 2′ poster and red band trailer release

’ donning of “Deadpool” turned the into a totally different genre that took the world pleasantly surprised.

A Marvel anti-hero known for his unrelenting and acerbic sense of humor, the first “Deadpool” movie that was released in February 2015 became a worldwide smash hit with $783.1 million at the box-office so far.

With the latest release of the very unusual red band of the feverishly-anticipated sequel Deadpool is seen wearing a wig and carrying a paint palette, mimicking from the famous decade-long show “The Art of Painting” during the early ‘80s.

The , suffused with creative expletives only Deadpool can deliver, gives the audience a peek of what to expect in the sequel – extreme action with his friends in the biz fighting villains such as Cable (played by Josh Brolin), Negasonic Teenage Warhead () and Blind Al (Leslie Uggams).

″ is a 20th Century Fox feature film that will open in Phils. cinemas on May 30, 2018. Follow 20th Century Fox (Ph) on Facebook, 20thcenturyfoxph on IG and YouTube, @20centuryfox on Twitter.