Fortinet’s FortiGate 600D earns high marks in latest NSS Labs NGIPS test

FortiGate 600D

FortiGate 600D

, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the results of the latest Labs Next-Generation (NGIPS) group test report. The testing revealed that ’s FortiGate 600D earned a 99.7% rating for , the lowest Total Cost of Ownership per Protected Mbps in the Map and received ’ coveted ‘Recommended’ rating.

  • NSS Lab’s NGIPS report is the industry’s most comprehensive test of security effectiveness for Intrusion Prevention Systems offered today and helps security customers select the best solutions based on real-world performance.
  • The FortiGate 600D IPS achieved a security effectiveness score of 99.7%, blocking 100% of live attacks used in active threat campaigns and stopping 99.45% of attacks from NSS Labs’ entire exploit library.
  • The FortiGate 600D was one of onlyfour vendors capable of thwarting 100%of the used in NSS Labs testing.

Intrusion Prevention is Critical but Not All Systems Are Equal

Recent attacks like WannaCryand Petyahave highlighted how quickly unpatched vulnerabilities can be exploited on a global scale.The ever-increasing number of operating systems, applications and new devices running on networks challenges even the most diligent IT teams trying to keep up with the latest updates. IPS solutions can provide protection from these newly disclosed vulnerabilities and advanced evasion techniques, providing enterprises with the critical time needed to test and push new patches to their various systems,but not all solutions are created equal.

This is why Fortinet consistently invests in extensive third-party testing and validation of its solutions. Working with organizations like NSS Labs provides customers with the data needed to select the most to defend their businesses and ensures that Fortinet continues to deliver the most effective and highest performing cybersecurity to meet their needs.

DedicatedNGIPS Protection with Superior Security Fabric Integration

As an extension of the , FortiGate IPS meets all the requirements of a standalone next-generation solution by combining a high-speed, effective IPS engine with evasion techniques, context and reputation awareness, extensive application and user control capabilities, advanced threat detection, and a performance-optimized platform.

FortiGate IPS functionalityleverages the Fortinet Security Fabric and FortiOS to deliver real-time updates that continuously defend against the latest threats and zero-day attacks emerging across the threat landscape. Powered by purpose-built hardware and (SPUs), FortiGate IPS provides leading in-line protection with performance that won’t slow down enterprise networks.

“Today’s newly discovered vulnerabilities are being exploited at machine speedsthat are outpacing the capability of IT teams to patch. This is increasing the urgency for many enterprises to integrate effective IPS capabilities with their overall . The latest NSS Labs results reinforce a decade of Fortinet IPS technology leadership, providing devices that scale from 150 Mbps up to 120 Gbps to help organizations of all sizes close gaps in their attack surface,” said John Maddison, senior vice president of products and solutions, Fortinet.

“NSS Labs is focused on empowering enterprises to make informed decisions based on independent real-world testing results. We applaud Fortinet’s commitment to third-party testing. Fortinet’s Recommended rating in our 2017 NGIPS Group Test makes them a great option for any business looking to strengthen their security architecture,” said Vikram Phatak, chief executive officer of NSS Labs