LG V30 Video Series: Staying True to Oneself

Michael Bauer Cosplay Dad LG V30

Michael Bauer Cosplay Dad

(LG) is celebrating the inspiring, yet relatable everyday moments in This is Real, a campaign for its V30 flagship . Through new video and , LG is and supporting real people doing, achieving and overcoming amazing things.

The series features a montage of unique individuals making public commitments to be authentic and real. From revealing the sheer skill of a deaf dancer to highlighting the triumphs of an actress living with alopecia, the series will spotlight inspiring people’s stories in docu-style segments.

Designed to be the best content creation smartphone on the market today, LG wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the device through people who live honest and authentic lives every day. For LG, being real isn’t about being glitzy or glamorous but about hard work and resilience, the same qualities being celebrated in the campaign with help from the V30 and its ability to capture pure stories.

To experience these remarkable videos, visit https://youtu.be/pWcw90HZQtk.