The news that the Philippines is one of the two countries that blocked the inclusion of carbosulfan in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention (RC) is extremely appalling.

Carmudi at the ASEAN Automobile Safety Forum Image 2

Aligned with its advocacy to promote road safety, leading car portal Carmudi recently joined the 7th held at the . The event aims to tackle the region’s features and its effects on the market. , Chief Operating Officer of joined notable officials from (NCAP), (AAP), as well as various stakeholders at the event.

Since Carmudi’s business engaged in online car buying and selling, the company presented technology’s role in influencing consumer use and purchasing behavior.

Syquia noted that the Philippines, on average, has 119M mobile phone subscriptions and Filipinos spend 3.5 hours on mobile, while 5.2 hours on desktop and tablet.

“The availability of online data increases general consumer awareness towards vehicle safety. Using technologies such as the internet, we may now educate both consumers and end-users towards both availability of safety features and its proper utilization,” said Syquia.

In a research made by , it was revealed that the Asian region welcomed substantial amount of innovation towards vehicle safety features over the years.

“Over the past decade, the booming automotive industry in Asia has seen a considerable amount of change and innovation. In less than ten years, the process of car buying has been completely revolutionized, with ONLINE SEARCHING taking precedence over traditional methods,” explained Syquia.

Carmudi has been an active advocate for road safety. Late last year, Carmudi forged partnership with AAP and helped them in the reproduction of pamphlets of Republic Act 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code) to educate more people about the said legislation. The company also held a Road Safety Caravan in Taguig City for STI-BGC students to educate them of the do’s and don’ts of the road.