Amazin India’s Travel Guitar Series Latest News: Kapil Srivastava Launches Tere Mere Honton Pe Song

Kapil Srivastava
Kapil Srivastava

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India’s top guitarist Kapil Srivastava leaving no stone unturned to showcase India’s unity in diversity with the help of his guitar skills.

Under the Amazing India – World record Attempt project he has pledged to compose / record 300+ compositions and video shot at 300+ different places / spots in India. He has already started shooting at various locations for the project.

On asking Guitar Player Kapil about it’s reason to create such project. He replied:

“My objective is to bridge the beauty and culture of India using this project to today’s youth and as well as global tourists. Just like each song that i compose / record each location is also special to me and my creative team is also selective about suggesting me to create song as per the spot.”

He recently video-shot Tere Mere Honton Pe song at Espresso Bar, Dharamshala, Himachal pradesh.

Blessed with beautiful lush green valley, Amazing Waterfall tumbling down with its drizzling sound I was savoring my cup of tea and enjoying 360 degree view from Espresso Bar, Kandi Village, Khaniyara Road, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh………Says Kapil Srivastava

Kapil and his crew traveled from Delhi to Dharamshala to video shoot his next song, under Amazing India Project of 300 destinations and is travelling, Tere Mere Hothon Pe Song is one of them which he improvised, re-arranged and re-recorded in his own Guitaristic instrumental style (in G-Major) especially for this moment.

“The reason I choose this song to shoot at Espresso Bar is because Tere Mere Hothon Pe always gives me two feelings i.e. (1) Nostalgic and (2) Nature Blessing on us (Hills, Waterfall, Solitude) and Espresso bar justifies both in the best manner” says…….Kapil Srivastava.”

Kapil Improvised/Played and arranged all the original songs instruments part as fillers, counter fillers, strings on the guitar itself using all 3 octaves. The most amazing part of this song is the start of the melody o.e. the alaap part played in Flute. Kapil has beautifully transformed that part in guitar which is a mark of excellence and never heard reference of guitar so far. You will also find this melody as exclusive and unique in the YouTube as well as the best Youtube song played by Kapil i.e. DDLJ.

This is one of the best academic melodies for all guitar levels, taken from 80’s era and that is why you will see the audio cassette introduction referring to the Golden Times. Kapil is also conducting Bollywood Music Guitar Concert Workshop for Professional and Intermediate Guitarists to make them well-versed in giving concerts / live performances for 1 to 3 hours from Bollywood Repertoire and build their career & financial growth through same.