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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – Mar 2, 2017 – E-commerce is witnessing explosive growth. According to Frost & Sullivan, the global e-commerce market, which amassed more than US$1.5 trillion in 2015, is projected to exceed US$3.0 trillion by 2018.[1]

This fast expansion in e-commerce is driven primarily by improvements in technology and the increasing pace of technology adoption. With the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and wireless networks, more and more consumers have jumped on the Internet bandwagon and grown increasingly confident in dealing with online activities and transactions.

The increased confidence has resulted in impatient and demanding online consumers. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that the slow loading time of Web pages is one of the main reasons why customers move from one e-Commerce company to another. This page-loading delay – also known as latency – translates into a loss of customers and revenue, not to mention the negative impact on a company’s brand. For instance, an e-commerce website making daily sales of $100,000 is expected to lose $2.5 million annually due to a one-second page delay[2].

“Consumers evaluate their online service providers continuously during every login, at every purchase, and at every return” — Frost & Sullivan

Combating Latency with

The growing consumer demand for fast and uninterrupted access to applications and websites has companies scrambling for solutions to reduce and congestion. And most companies find subscribing to Content Delivery Network (CDN) services the most viable option. A CDN handles the Web infrastructure demands in a cost-effective manner, freeing companies to focus on their core business areas.

CDNs can accelerate and bring the content — static, dynamic or mobile — closer to consumers, thus reducing latency and speeding up page-loading. According to Frost & Sullivan, one second of speed boost increases sales by 3% per customer[3].

For one of Korea’s leading global broadcasters, the challenge was to provide a smooth and uninterrupted delivery of their content to viewers around the world. This was exacerbated by the rise in popularity of watching broadcasts on mobile devices.

The company realised that it needed to create a Web environment in which viewers can stream its programmes smoothly across multiple devices, be it desktops, mobile devices or smart TVs. Since its viewers are scattered around the globe, establishing such a Web infrastructure would be a costly exercise for the company.

For the Korean broadcaster, tapping on CDN services to accelerate its content has allowed it to provide stable and high-quality live broadcasts to both local and overseas viewers. In addition, users are now able to enjoy their programmes on smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices anytime and anywhere. And the global performance of its applications and content is achieved without the company incurring a huge cost in infrastructure investment.

Minimising Latency without Compromising Security

Alongside the latency issue is another equally, if not more, important issue of security. can render a company’s website and services unavailable for hours, or even days, resulting in loss of revenue and consumer confidence. And the situation is aggravated if such attacks result in a breaching of customers’ data.

According to a Cloud Security Alliance report[4] on the top threats faced by organisations using cloud-based solutions, DDoS attacks, data breaches and permanent data loss are among the major security threats that caused long-term implications.

Mr Jerry Chung, Head of Southeast Asia & Pacific, , shares, “A robust CDN needs to integrate enhanced Web performance and cloud security technology, with features such as 24×7 monitoring and Web Applications Firewall technology to counter cyber attacks.”

As more consumers get connected to the Internet and increase their spending and activities on the Web, companies across industries will face increasing pressure to cater to the online needs of their customers. And the challenge is compounded by the geographical dispersion of their customers around the world, accessing their services and applications on any platform 24x7x365.

“Businesses simply want to offer their customers around the globe a unified experience — fast and secured access to their websites and online services. The right CDN service provider can boost Web performance and protect companies from cyber attacks that can cripple their core infrastructure. This frees up precious time and resources for companies to focus on their core business areas and not worry about their online presence, costs and technology scale-up,” says Mr Chung.

Speed and Security with CDNetworks

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