NBA latest news: Brandon Ingram will be a major offensive force in the coming years

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Miguel Discart/ Flickr cc

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram has shown what he can do and head coach Luke Walton believes he will eventually evolve into one of the feared offensive players as his NBA career progresses.

Rookie Brandon Ingram came into the league with so much promise and he has shown some of that in the 2016-17 NBA season. Though he has been in a slump lately, Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton sees his potential, believing he will eventually become one of the league’s elite shooters.

However, Brandon Ingram’s recent games indicate that he may have a long way to go. He has been shooting poorly as of late and such may have affected the self-confidence of the lanky 19-year-old on the floor. Proof of that is Ingram passing up some open shots, claiming he was not ready to take the shot, the OC Register reported.

Some claim it may be the alleged ‘rookie wall’ though Walton believes the rookie is simply struggling in transition. The first-year head coach spoke to Ingram and said all seemed fine, the LA Times reported.

As for the slump, Walton believes it is a matter of getting into the groove and rhythm of things on the Lakers’ end. Known as a scorer back in college, Ingram admits that he is frustrated with his current performance. Being a rookie, time is essential. Rarely do rookies remain consistent and he does have a long road ahead.

Aside from that, Ingram may want to consider the fact that he is with a team on the rebound. He is surrounded mostly by young cagers who are only 2 to 3 years in the league. His time will eventually come and patience will be a key.

Right now, Ingram needs to step up for the Lakers. Julius Randle is dealing with health issues (Pneumonia) and such leaves a big hole up front. Tarik Black, Luol Deng, and Ingram have been mentioned as likely options, an opportunity that could help Ingram get his game back on track.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not in a good position right now, occupying the lower end of the Western Conference standings. A string of wins could bump them up to the magic 8 and bring them back to the NBA playoffs.

Compared to the previous two seasons, the Lakers have already shown improvement. Right now, they are undergoing a process under Walton, Brandon Ingram included.