How can patients prevent medication errors?

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Quezon City— December 2016 — In the Philippines, 79 percent of patients experienceat least one error during their medication period. Such errors may cause the patients to experience adverse drug reactions, aggravation of illness or worst, death.

Given this risk amongpatients, PharexHealthCorp.—the most prescribed unibranded generic medicines— encourages them to be aware of the prevalent medication errors, such as incorrect frequency and timing, improper administration, discrepancy in dosage and intake of the wrong drug, among others.

Such lapses in medication are caused by three factors. First is poor communication between health care providers. This happens when a patient visits different health care provider, but does not inform the new provider of his medication history. Secondly, medication error also happens when a physician does not clearly make his patient understand the prescribed medication. Finally, there are medication names and medical abbreviations that soundalike, causing confusion and incorrect usage.

“Medication errors make the condition of the patients even worse. Such errors could causehospitalization that will result in lost productivity and money that could be used for other household expenses like food, house rent, or education. This is the reason why patients and their caregivers need to understand how vital it is to prevent medication errors,” said , President and CEO of PharexHealthCorp.

To help patients properly adhere to their prescribed medications and avoid errors that could worsen their conditions, PharexHealthCorp. developed the Pharex CP15. It is a 15-day compliance pouch intended to make intake of simpler as quality medicines good for two weeks are sealed together in a water-resistant pouch.

Agana concluded, “Filipino patients may count on us as we are dedicated to innovate and provide solutions that will help decrease the risk of medication errors.It is our mission to assist them in improving their conditions and have a healthy life.”