‘Supernatural’ Adds ‘Washed Up Rockstar’ & Lucifer Minion In Cast; Rick Springfield Will Play The Role

“Supernatural” is rocking it out in the upcoming season. The show announced it has cast Rick Springfield in the role of Lucifer’s minion. The actor is set to appear in several episodes.

Deadline reports that Rick Springfield’s character is a former rock star who served as Lucifer’s vessel, and he’s quite ready for a big comeback. Dread Central reports that Springfield is already in Vancouver for the filming of “Supernatural” Season 12.

“Supernatural” Season 12 will also delve on the return of Sam & Dean’s mom, Mary, which will bring new dynamics to the series. “When mom left, Sam was a baby and Dean was a child. The children that she knew are now men, so the relationship is kind of nonexistent because there isn’t one. It’s an interesting situation, them trying to bridge that massive gap,” star Jensen Ackles said to a fan panel at the Comic Con, per TV Line.

The family theme will also spill over to the relationship with Crowley and Rowena, which will bring more tension to the show. Other things fans can expect from “Supernatural” Season 12 would be the exposition of the Men of Letters, which was left hanging in the previous season.

“Supernatural” returns to The CW on Thursday, Oct. 13. The show is the network’s longest-running series and is showing no signs of letting up.