iPhone 7 Rumors: Next Apple Flagship to Showcase Minor Improvements

iPhone 6 [photo credit: Omar Jordan Fawahl via Flickr]

6 [photo credit: Omar Jordan Fawahl via Flickr]

is expected to unveil its latest model by September despite the fact that the next flagship will be armed with minimal changes.

With Apple opting to save its best for the in 2018, the iPhone 7 barely has features that could entice the consumer market to grab one.

To date, the only key changes include that of a thinner design which was aided by the removal of the 3.5 mm jack. This means that the iPhone 7 may be armed with new Lightning port-tipped headsets or use the Bluetooth connectivity feature to address users who have grown used to the traditional Apple earphones.

Aside from that, the iPhone 7 will reportedly employ some changes as far as the base model storage is concerned. Rather than the traditional 16 GB storage minimum, the iPhone 7 will reportedly start with 32 GB instead.

Word of such comes from Kevin Wang, the director for Market Research at HIS Technology in China. While the bump in storage capacity is seen as something potential iPhone 7 users would laud, the next feature could alleviate such.

The next feature that the iPhone 7 will reportedly carry is the dual-lens camera module which comes from Patently Apple. Per the report, LG Innotek will arm the iPhone 7 Plus with an advanced dual-lens camera technology though it may go as far as being present on the iPhone 7 model as well.

With the advanced camera technology, such would translate to higher resolution files that may be saved and thus requiring additional storage space. If that is the case, the 32 GB minimum storage bump may be seen more as timely rather than a perk though it depends largely on phone use.

Other than those three key features, the iPhone 7 is expected to hold nothing more out of the ordinary. Analysts are expecting Appleā€™s sales forecast to fall with some folks likely to wait for the iPhone 8 instead.