‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: Sookie Is Back! Melissa McCarthy Confirmed On Netflix Show

Melissa_McCarthy_Emmy_Week_Celebration_-_2012While promoting her latest film, “The Boss,” on the Ellen show Thursday, Melissa McCarthy said that she is going to be in the “Gilmore Girls” revival. She will reprise her character Sookie.

“Literally about an hour ago, we figured out that I am gonna go back and do it!”, she told Ellen and received wild cheers from the crowd. When the “Gilmore Girls” revival was announced in early January, the first rumors were that Melissa wasn’t going to have time to film and that there were no invitations from the producers.

“Gilmore Girls” is returning with only four episodes at 90-minute each. Nearly all of the original cast has agreed to appear, but Melissa’s return had been the last to materialize until this week, per Deadline.

The cast are already filming since February and will be working until the summer. Netflix has yet to announce when the show will be streamed. “Gilmor Girl” stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Melissa McCarthy was part of The WB series for its seven-season run.