Who you going to call when you have a Filthy Bedroom? Grossbusters!

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This new year, get your vomit bags at the ready and see filth like you’ve never seen before in the new and exciting MTV show Grossbusters. Hosted by funnyman Evan Spaulding, the nastiest bedrooms will be brought straight to your screens every Monday, starting 25 January at 6.30pm (TH/WIB), 7.30pm (SG), 8.30pm (MY) and every Friday, starting 29 January at 11am (PH).

The show follows Evan with his HazMat-suited team on his grubby encounters to track down the dirtiest slobs and most infested pigsties. From cockroaches to dog poop to unidentified body fluids; it will have you squirming in your shoes.

After witnessing the stomach-churning mess that these guilty grime mongers have made – Evan shames them into changing their ways for good by offering each offender The Dirty Deal. To keep their side of The Dirty Deal, the sorry sleaze balls must take part in a humiliating and public Moment of Shame, before clearing their unimaginable mess and agreeing to change their filthy ways forever.

In return, the Grossbusters team will give the wrongdoer’s cesspit bedroom a life-changing Deluxe Upgrade!

With some of Evan’s comedic influences being Will Ferrell, the Wayans brothers and Jim Carrey, there is sure to be some laughter amidst all the grime. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of the pigsties that Evan will be helping to muck out.

“I’m so excited to be working on this brand new show with MTV. I live and breathe comedy, so when I was asked to work on something which required finding the funny side in something so gross, I was well up to the challenge! It has been great fun, albeit a little-stomach churning at times,” says Evan Spaulding.

Episode one kicks off with slovenly student Melania and Instagram loving Justin. Melania’s room is so filthy she’s been forced to sleep at work, and Justin…well let’s just say there’s no filter on Instagram that would fix his Insta-grime!

Just as you think it couldn’t get any worse, episode two brings you Maggie from Connecticut, whose room has attracted stink bugs, and hair stylist Franchely who lets her guinea pig roam around freely, so her room is covered in animal poop!

Tune in to MTV this January and watch the Grossbusters give these bedrooms a facelift.