‘Big Bang Theory’ Sued By Daughters of ‘Soft Kitty’ Author

800px-Jim_Parsons_(The_Big_Bang_Theory)_3781567513“Big Bang Theory” is facing a lawsuit filed by the daughters of a New Hampshire teacher who claim the show used their mom’s song without permission. The daughters of Edith Newlin said the show and CBS didn’t buy the rights to “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” despite using this in at least eight episodes.

“Soft Kitty” was written by Newlin in the 1930s and was published in the book “Songs for the Nursery School.” According to Time Magazine, the publisher authorized the show’s use, but didn’t inform Newlin’s daughters about it. The book publicly acknowledged Newlin as the author who owned the copyrights. Their mother died in 2004.

Ellen Newlin Chase filed the lawsuit against CBS and “Big Bang Theory” but the damages were not specified, according Fox News. She found out about it only in 2014 while doing research for her mother’s work and came across a blog post discussing the song and the show.

“Soft Kitty” is a popular aspect of the series and aside from the show, it has been used in merchandising and was sung by the cast at different Comic Con events.