WWE News 2015: Roman Reigns defies odds, wins heavyweight title

Roman Reigns [photo: YouTube Screen Capture/WWE]
Roman Reigns [photo: YouTube Screen Capture/WWE]

Roman Reigns had hell to pay after his actions at WWE TLC and the Authority wasted little time to avenge the damage inflicted on WWE COO Triple H just the night before.

Stephanie McMahon came out and confronted Reigns for his actions as expected but the punishment was to be meted not be her but by the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

Reigns was on the verge of being fired but before that, he was given one last chance to save his career (and technically a shot at the WWE title).

McMahon told Reigns that he had to defeat Sheamus later in the night during WWE RAW plus the odds of seeing the League of Nations and of course the WWE chairman himself at ringside.

But Reigns mustered just enough to buck the odds, fending off the League of Nations (Alberto Del Rio and Rusev) plus McMahon who received a “Superman Punch” courtesy when he was trying to distract the referee.

Reigns had to survive one last Brogue Kick from the Celtic Warrior and in the end, a spear did the trick and crowning the Big Dog the prize that had slipped through his grasp on more than one occasion.

It marks a rare occurrence that the WWE heavyweight title would change hands during a regular WWE show but Reigns is hardly expected to complain.

With Reigns’ feat, he and buddy Dean Ambrose end the year as champions.

Ambrose won the WWE Intercontinental title at WWE TLC the night before when he defeated Kevin Owens.