[VIDEO] The Martian Trailers are out!

The Martian [photo: 20th Century Fox]

The Martian [photo: 20th Century Fox]

Left alone to survive, takes on the titular moniker in the latest space adventure set in the 2030s “The Martian” where his character got stranded on Mars when he was accidentally left by his team in their haste to abort the mission.

Based on the bestselling novel self-published by , the trailer further revealed the overwhelming odds Damon’s character Watney faces in order to survive…and after being presumed dead. The trailer’s recent reveal held at Pasadena at ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory was attended by Matt Damon and director together with the book’s author Andy Weir, astronaut Drew Feustel and ’s Planetary Science Division Director Dr. Jim Green.

In the reveal, NASA shared that the technology, the tools that helped the character survived in the 2030s are already being developed as it appears on the film. “’We’re kind of on the cusp of being able to do everything that happens in the movie,” Matt Damon said, speaking of space exploration during the trailer reveal. “With the right funding and the right attention, these are the kinds of things that we will be exploring in the very near future and this is going to be a part of our kids’ lives.”

“The Martian” will open September 30 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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