‘American Crime’ Season 2 Casting News: ‘Falling Skies’ Actor Connor Jessup, Hope Davis, Joey Pollari and Angelique Rivera Join Cast


Emmy-nominated series “American Crime” has had a great first season run on ABC. Now, the show is set to return for another season with a new story and a new setting.

Starring Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Lili Taylor, Elvis Nolasco and Richard Cabral, who will all return for Season 2 to play new characters, the show has just added four more new cast members for its latest offering.

“Falling Skies” alum Connor Jessup will play Connor Blaine,  “a young man at the center of accusations that roil two high schools along socio-economic lines,” according to TV Line. 

Angelique Rivera, meanwhile, has been cast in the role of Evy, who plays the only witness to the crime and who will testify for the prosecution.

Joey Pollari, who previously starred in MTV’s “The Inbetweeners” adaptation, will play Eric Lupton, “a basketball player from a working class family who attends school on a basketball scholarship,” according to Deadline.

Veteran and Emmy-nominated actress Hope Davis will also be joining the series for at least seven episodes.

“American Crime” recently received 10 nominations from this year’s Emmy Awards. “Following last week[‘s nominations], we know expectations for our second season continue to grow. Having Hope play opposite Tim Hutton, watching them navigate an exceptionally charged set of circumstances, is going to allow us to excavate our subject matter with both the emotion and sensitivity it deserves,” says show producer John Ridley via The Wrap.

The show’s second season will take place in a high school in the Midwest. Shooting for Season 2 will take place in Texas in a few weeks.